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Customer Experience Transformation

Your business strength is not in the new business you generate, but in your delivery of a Customer Experience that leads to repeat business and referrals

Our obsession is transforming your customer experience so you realize all of your market domination power and possibilities

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Increase Customer Retention

Earn Many More Referrals

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Grow Compound Annual Growth Rate

Customer Experience Delivery Gap

Closing Your Customer Experience Delivery Gap

No business owner or executive intends to deliver a poor customer experience. In fact, 80%* of executives believe their business delivers a superior customer experience.

But only 8%* of customers believe they receive a superior customer experience. That customer experience delivery gap is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

* Source: Bain and Company

It can be frustrating and overwhelming, because you know everyone on your team is trying to deliver the best customer experience possible.

What if … instead of continuing to fight the problem … you could seize the opportunity of closing your customer experience delivery gap? 

Making a Difference in Customer Experience … since 1980!

Andrew Kolikoff

Andrew Kolikoff

Art of Customer Experience

If you have had any experience with me, through my writing, public speaking, networking events or even 1-on-1 over cawfee, you know that my obsession is making a difference in the lives of those we do business with and seek business from as my overriding passion every day of my life.

I am responsible for the Art of Customer Experience at Aurelius and can promise we will care deeply about you and your business while doing everything possible to transform your customer experience to enable you to generate more repeat business and referrals.

Bill Merrow

Bill Merrow

Science of Customer Experience

Although we did not call it “customer experience” way back in the future, if our paths crossed anytime over the past 4+ decades, you would find me obsessed with creating phenomenal customer experiences.

I am responsible for the Science of Customer Experience at Aurelius and can promise you we will rigorously assess, design, develop, implement and measure customer experiences that transform your business results.

Three Easy Steps to Start Transforming Your Customer Experience

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2. Customer Experience Opportunity Assessment

We show you how you can transform your customer experience and start earning more repeat business and referrals

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3. You Decide Next Steps When You're Ready

We will meet you where you are and start transforming your customer experience at the right pace for your business

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You want to believe your business delivers a superior customer experience. But you know the opportunity to close your customer experience delivery gap remains significant.


With today’s world running at ludicrous speed, you must sprint the marathon every day. Although the laggards are falling further and further behind, your strongest competitors are working diligently every day on closing their customer experience delivery gaps.


There is just too much at stake to let them win.


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