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Transform Behavior

How Do You Leap from a Good Company to a Great Business?
Let's Talk About Transforming Your Culture


Every Business Leader has a strategy. Although some strategies are better than others, no business operates without some vision of improved future performance.


Where most struggle is executing their strategy. They set goals and plans for improvement, but frequently fall back to “how we have always done things here.


Why don’t things change? Quite simply, the business isn’t addressing the root cause of performance – the behavior of the leaders and team members.

Peter Drucker Told Us …

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

No matter how strong your strategic plan, it will be held back by members of your team if they don’t share the proper culture. 

If your team members aren’t passionate about your company’s vision, they won’t be enthusiastic about executing your plans and your strategy stands no chance.

Company culture happens, whether you work on it or not, as the actions of the founders and executives speak louder than their words creating and sustaining your company culture.


Transform Behavior for
Business Performance

Your Strategy sits at the center of your business – guiding all your activities to improved future performance in four key areas:

  • Process: your business systems, methods, procedures and policies.

  • People: your greatest asset or your strategic weakness.

  • Money: the resources you leverage to fuel your business.

  • Growth: your programs to attract, convert and retain customers.

But it is the Behavior in your organization that determines how well you execute your Strategy.

Our Purpose

Business Transformation

In other words, “how you do things here” defines your Culture … and it is the repeated Behavior (both actions and non-actions) of your leaders and team members that determine your performance.

At Aurelius, our mission is to enable Leaders to realize their business and personal visions.

We develop effective strategies together and work with you to implement your strategies in the key areas of process, people, money and growth.

Most importantly, we work directly on transforming behavior to ensure we execute your strategy and help you and your team create a great business.

Three Easy Steps

1. Business Identity

Discover if your leadership team is aligned from a strategy, implementation, resource allocation and people perspective with this 2-minute assessment.

2. Change Capacity

If your business is ready for transformation, let’s know what barriers we’ll face before we start the journey with this 20 minute assessment.

3. Operational Maturity

So many opportunities, so few resources and so little time. Let’s assemble your leadership team for a 2-hour, deep dive session to discover what to work on first and how we’ll manage progress.