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Is Your Culture Eating Your Strategy?

Break Leadership Behaviors That Are Killing Your Growth and Destroying Your Peace of Mind
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The Aurelius Method

High-Performance Leadership & Business Transformation


You: The Very Important Top Officer


The Next Level: Your C-Suite


Inspiring the Best from Every Team Member



Optimizing Product & Service Delivery


Aligning Resources for Optimal Leverage


Driving Marketing & Sales Results


Preparing for Your Inevitable Transition


You built your business, probably from nothing. You didn’t do it alone, but some days it feels like it is all on you.

The business may be stuck and can’t reach the next level or it takes superhuman effort on your part to make things happen.

The personal toll is even greater. The burdens are affecting your relationships inside and outside the business. Not even you are happy with your own behavior.

You know something needs to change, but just don’t know where to start or how to reach the next level – for your business or yourself.

Profound change can only come from outside the organization and only by invitation.

W. Edwards Deming

Aurelius Transformation works holistically across every dimension of your business.

Although it is vitally important we start with You – the Very Important Top Officer, we can direct our work to the areas that need the greatest attention – your leadership team, your people, your processes, your resources, your growth or even your transition.

Wherever we start, we have one goal – to ensure alignment of your culture and your strategy in achieving both your personal and business goals.

What You Have Done is Phenomenal

Building a business is hard, hard work, often over a lifetime.

But the reason the majority of businesses stay small and fail to reach the next level is it takes different skills.

Culture is complex. It can devour even the best strategy. But properly aligned, your culture can achieve more than you can imagine.

Best of all, when your purpose and your business purpose come together, you can finally send your Superman cape to the cleaners and begin to really enjoy both your personal and your business life.

Three Easy Steps

1. Schedule

All we ask is 90 minutes to learn about you and your business. We’ll ask some hard questions and ask you to openly share what’s not working for you and what’s not working for your business.

2. Plan

We’ll follow-up with a Transformation Plan aligned with your immediate objectives. We will pay close attention to the alignment of your culture and strategy, but we will meet you where you are now and address your most pressing issues first.

3. Start

We can move as fast as your time, budget and needs permit. The key will be to make the decision to get started and bring your culture and strategy into alignment while we address your most vital personal and business issues.