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Andrew Kolikoff

Andrew Kolikoff

Principal & Culture Practice Leader

Andrew is a multiple time C-Level executive/company founder, one time landing him on the Cover Page of USA today.

Since that time, Andrew has dedicated his life to behaviorally elevating and transforming leaders’ lives.

Andrew is an inspirational speaker, author, leadership guru/coach. While he brings with him his additional, wonderfully diverse experiences: 10+ years of not-for-profit board chairmanship, former chief science officer,
university adjunct professor, and national director of business development, Andrew’s true gift has always been HOW he delivers that change and growth.

As he says, before you can authentically create a culture of accountability, authenticity and scaled profitability… each
leader first has to “see themselves for who they truly are and align themselves with themselves.”

Therefore, if you are seeking a coach who will not only bring you everything you would normally expect of a coach but also true empowerment, alignment and peace
then, Andrew is the coach for you/your organization.

Donna is an executive coach and management consultant specializing in executive, leadership and team development.

Having successfully worked with all levels of management, from C-level through mid-level management in a wide variety of industries and size of organizations, our clients have achieved and/or exceeded their professional and personal results and created the desired culture within their team, department and/or organization.

My specialty is to help leaders not just survive, but thrive in a 24/7, global, ultra-competitive, high-growth oriented world. Today, in these challenging times, you need to be firing on all cylinders.

This means you are utilizing your cognitive, emotional, physical and intuitive intelligence to achieve results. Leaders that partner with me increase all of these intelligences and learn practices that build a strong foundation of what I call healthy awakened leadership. This results in peak leadership performance.

Donna specializes in leadership development for mid, senior, and C-level management, including developing healthy “awakened” leaders, high performance leadership team development, communications and conversations expert, individual, team and group coaching, transition coaching, developing cultures of commitment and accountability, leadership retreat facilitation, board meeting & retreat facilitation and strategic planning facilitation.

    She has earned a BA in Psychology and an MA in Social Psychology.

    Donna Dobrovich

    Donna Dobrovich

    Leadership Development Practice Leader

    Earl Hopper

    Earl Hopper

    Financial Practice Leader

    Earl has a passion for helping businesses and their CEOs reach their full potential. Growth is attainable if you have the right people in place and the right goals in mind.

    We help accelerate growth, recognize and alleviating risk, manage and improve cash flow and streamline costs and increase profits. Our goal is to help busy CEO’s free up time to grow the business while we take on the management of the finance functions.

    Specific ways we assist are Fund Raising, Cash Management, Financial Management, Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting, Costing, Strategic Planning, M&A, Reporting, Start-ups, Turnaround and Exit Planning. Our vast network of partners and suppliers are available to our clients, including debt and equity funders.

    Earl’s professional experience includes over 20 years C level experience with both private and public companies. Experienced Chief Financial and Operations Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer, construction, manufacturing and media industries.

    With over 30 years of relevant experience, Mark knows supply chain challenges from all angles. He has significant experience in multi-channel distribution and manufacturing in multiple industries.

    Before embarking on his successful consulting career over 17 years ago, Mark held Vice President positions in distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing, sales and IT. He attained these positions by working up through the ranks from technical and management positions.

    He has applied this impressive background to achieving outstanding results for his clients. Contributions during his consulting career include projects that provided companies with process improvements in manufacturing, distribution, and all areas of the supply chain, and systems selection and implementation.

    Bridging the sometimes-wide chasms between systems and equipment providers has demonstrated Mark’s ability to manage complex projects by building and maintaining excellent communications and team-focused environments. He has also spent significant time fulfilling customers operational management needs including acting as a senior member of their teams. He has also been involved in corporate acquisitions and both greenfield and brownfield starts and related moves of a multitude of companies.

    Mark has delivered these results in a variety of roles on the combined client project teams. He has delivered as an engagement leader, technical contributor, business analyst and project manager. The hallmark of each encounter has been the ability to quickly establish rapport with the entire team, build solid business relationships while maintaining a tight focus on delivery of results.

    Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Delaware.

    He has written papers and delivered presentations at prestigious conferences of the Council of Supply Chain Management, PROmat and others and has guest lectured at ASU’s Carey Graduate Business School.

    Mark Riedel

    Mark Riedel

    Operations Practice Leader

    Bill Merrow

    Bill Merrow

    Principal, Strategy & Growth Practice Leader

    Bill Merrow has served as Chief Marketing Officer for hundreds of companies worldwide, with accountability for marketing and sales results.

    His career journey includes leadership roles at CIGNA Healthplan and American Express, where he built and managed a 40,000-person sales force and sold $500,000,000 in annuities through direct mail.

    His consulting career began in 1995 with General Electric, where he worked on systems and sales-related projects related to Genworth’s insurance company acquisitions.

    During the past quarter century, he has consulted with thousands of small business owners and served as fractional CMO for over 100 firms worldwide.

    He currently runs marketing and sales for a 50+ employee application development and digital marketing company as well as multiple manufacturing companies.

    Bill lives near Phoenix, Arizona with his bride Susie as they approach their golden anniversary. They frequently visit their daughter and grandchildren in Vancouver, Washington to escape the desert heat.

    Bill earned a BA in Accounting and an MA in Behavioral Science.