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Customer Experience (CX) Transformation at Aurelius

Learn about our customer experience (CX) transformation team at Aurelius – Andrew Kolikoff, responsible for the art of customer experience and Bill Merrow, responsible for the science of customer experience.

Andrew Kolikoff

Andrew Kolikoff

Art of Customer Experience

Andrew Kolikoff

Andrew has multiple C-Level executive/company founder experience, including landing on the front page of USA Today for a product he invented and received licensing from the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL in 2003. Since that time, Andrew has dedicated his life to:

  • Creatively designing and systematically transforming customer experiences,
  • Elevating and behaviorally transforming leaders, teams and their company cultures,
  • Innovatively scaling sales and raving fans, leading to more referrals & repeat business.

Andrew is also a dynamic inspirational speaker, author and leadership/sales coach.

His wonderfully diverse experiences include:

  • a former chief science officer,
  • former university adjunct professor, and
  • national director of business development, and
  • 10+ years of not-for-profit board chairmanship.

Andrew’s true gift has always been in how he elevates people, teams and cultures while also scaling sales and delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

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Bill Merrow

Bill’s very long and winding road through the military, corporate and consulting world has provided endless opportunities to master transforming customer experiences.

His journey started transforming accounting systems for the US Army in Europe that had been in place for 35 years, followed by building budget systems for US Command General Staff College.

His corporate career began at Cigna Healthcare, where he led the transformation of national information systems while serving as Controller, implementing the system in 40 health plans.

While at American Express, he built a 40,000 strong LTC Insurance sales team and later transformed AMEX’s annuity division, leading to sales of $500,000,000 in 18-months.

His consulting career began with General Electric, where he integrated sales teams for 7 acquired insurance companies utilizing Six Sigma processes.

Bill’s sales and marketing passion led him to build an outsourced (fractional) Chief Marketing Officer practice with Andrew Kolikoff, where he served as CMO for over 100 firms worldwide.

Along the way, he earned a BA in Accounting and an MA in Behavioral Science. His deep knowledge of the numbers of business, process transformation and customer persuasion at each moment of truth enable him to uniquely oversee the Science of Customer Experience here at Aurelius.

Bill and his bride Susie celebrated their 48th anniversary in the summer of 2022. Their daughter Angela and grandchildren Andrew and Madison are thriving in the Vancouver, Washington area.

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Bill Merrow

Bill Merrow

Science of Customer Experience

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