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Customer Experience (CX) Benefits

Impact of Closing Your Customer Experience Delivery Gap

Possible Customer Experience (CX) Benefits

What customer experience (CX) benefits could you realize by transforming your customer experience?

80% vs. 8%

A Bain and Company study revealed 80% of the firms believed they provided a “superior experience” to their customers. But only 8% of those customers said the companies were really delivering a great customer experience.

Possible Benefits

Would higher customer retention, lower customer service costs, higher customer lifetime value, customers willing to pay more, providing additional customer self-service options, reducing customer attrition, eliminating poor customer service, increasing positive word of mouth and producing phenomenal compound annual growth impact your business?

Let's Talk About Your Customer Experience

Customer Experience Delivery Gap

1.7X Higher Customer Retention

Source: Forrester

52% of Customers Willing to Pay More

for a better customer experience.

Source: Forbes

US companies lose $1.6 trillion yearly

due to poor customer service

Source: Accenture

33% Lower Customer Service Costs

Source: Deloitte

67% of customers prefer self-service

 vs. speaking with a company rep

Source: Zen Desk

17% Compound Annual Growth Rate

compared to 3%  for CX laggards

Source: Harvard Business Review

1.6X Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Source: Forrester

89% of Customers Go to a Competitor

after a poor experience.

Source: Customer Thermometer

72% of customers with good experiences

will share with six+ people.

Source: Nice Reply

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