At the start, transforming your customer experience will not be easy. You may struggle to learn what your customers really want and face barriers to change inside your business. But every business is capable of overcoming those barriers when they adhere to the discipline of the customer experience transformation process.

The key to success from the start is to approach your customer experience transformation with a disciplined approach. At Aurelius, we work with our clients to always follow the following steps:

  • Assess
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Measure

The more disciplined you can be to follow these CX transformation steps from the start, the easier it will become to transform your customer experience.

Aurelius Customer Experience Transformation Process
Assess Your Customer Experience

Assess Your Customer Experience

The framework for assessing your customer experience involves answering some basic questions:

  • What is the current state of this particular aspect of your customer experience?
  • What is the optimal future state of this particular aspect of your customer experience?
  • How do you measure this particular aspect of your customer experience today and how should you measure it tomorrow?

The challenge in answering these questions is gathering the qualitative and quantitative data that will allow you to make decisions on how to transform your customer experience and delight your customers.

Assessing your customer experience is an iterative process. You will want to formulate your initial hypothesis of your CX transformation initiatives, then come back and validate those hypotheses after gathering sufficient data.

Design Your Customer Experience

The design of your customer experience is also an iterative process.

Based on your assessment, you will start by documenting the current state of the process that is impacting your customer experience.

Next, you will want to brainstorm the possibilities to transform your customer experience.

The goal is not just to make your process better, the goal is to create a customer experience that delights your customers.

Once you are confident your CX transformation effort will achieve the goal of delighting your customers, you will need to document your new process design and get feedback from team members.

Of course the real test of the design of your new customer experience process will be to test it with some of your customers.

Their feedback will give you great insights into designing a customer experience that truly meets and exceeds their expectations and actually makes them feel delighted with your business.

Design Your Customer Experience
Develop Your Customer Experience

Develop Your Customer Experience

Once you have designed your new customer experience process, it’s time to develop your new solution.

Although CX transformation changes can often be of a technical nature, a transformative customer experience touches many other moments of truth, including sharing your collateral material, talking to them on the phone and meeting your customers in person.

As you work through the development process, take every opportunity to test your solution through the development life cycle.

Don’t fall into the trap of developing your full solution and waiting until the end to test it, only to discover your CX transformation ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

Implement Your Customer Experience

You have come so far! You have assessed an aspect of your customer experience, designed an optimal solution and developed it with thorough testing along the way.

The next step is to implement your CX transformation solution. Does it achieve your objectives?

Don’t be surprised to get feedback that you did not hit the bullseye with your initial implementation. Why?

Because while your customers may have provided great input for your design and great feedback throughout your development, they will almost always have additional feedback once they are able to experience your new solution.

Don’t look on this as a bad result. Incorporate their feedback into the next round of changes in the never ending journey of transforming your customer experience.

Implement Your Customer Experience
Measure Your Customer Experience

Measure Your Customer Experience

If you go way back to the assessment process, you will see we pointed out measuring your customer experience both today and tomorrow.

The measurement process will continue to evolve through your design, development and implementation phases.

How will you gather the necessary qualitative and quantitative data you need to measure your customer experience?

  • What actions will you take based on that data?
  • When will you know you still have work to do to transform your CX?
  • How will you know when you have achieved your customer delight goals?

Building a data-driven culture is vital to transforming your customer experience.

It’s the only way you will really know if you are closing your customer experience delivery gap.

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