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Customer Experience Speaking Engagements

Are you ready to get your team excited about transforming your customer experience?

Is it time to immerse your team in creating your customer journey?

How about taking your leadership team away to map your strategy of customer experience preeminence? 

If you are ready to get inspired about customer experience, Andrew Kolikoff is the inspirational speaker to take you there:

CX Keynotes: Andrew will get your team excited about transforming your customer experience with powerful actions you can take now to begin your customer experience transformation.

CX Workshops: Andrew will lead your team through highly interactive workshops to assess, design, develop, implement and measure your customer experience on your transformation journey.

CX Retreats: Andrew will not only inspire your leadership team, but guide them through the process of developing and implementing your customer experience transformation strategy.

Customer Experience Leadership Retreats

If it is time to transform your customer experience, you will need to get your leadership team aligned to embrace the many changes ahead for your business.

Leadership must inspire your frontline teams to understand that a phenomenal customer experience is not the absence of defects as defined by management, but the presence of value as defined by your customers.

We work with you and your team to create a transformative experience, consistent with your values, vision and mission, facilitate your team’s deep discussion of your CX transformation and follow-up post-retreat with a clear plan for the journey ahead.

Customer Experience Team Workshops

Team members must be empowered not only with the basic knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their job, but also with the trust to utilize their intelligence and reasoning (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Our workshops immerse your team members in creating the experience your customers demand and to embrace their accountability for delivering that experience.

Customer Experience Research

We conduct both quantitative and qualitative customer research so you can learn what your customers really think about their customer experience.

We also conduct research inside your organization through surveys and interviews with your leaders and team members, as well as your suppliers and other stakeholders.

Simplify Your Process to Transform Your Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping

A deep understanding of your customer’s experience in their journey with your business is essential to begin your CX transformation.

Acquisition: How do your customers become aware of your business, products and services?

Delivery: Once they have become a customer, how do you get them through the initial onboarding process to start experiencing your services?

Sustainability: When something does go wrong (it will), how do you support your customers in that experience and turn them in brand advocates?

Customer Experience Transformation Planning

If you are going to deliver a superior customer experience, you will need to develop a strategy and plans to design your business for more repeat business and referrals.

We take a comprehensive approach with our CX strategic planning process, establishing a path to assess where you are, design where you need to go and define plans for how you will get there as well as critical CX measurements.

Discipline of the CX Transformation Process

Customer Experience Transformation Implementation

We work side-by-side with you to drive your customer experience transformation initiatives. We oversee your assessment, design, development, implementation and measurement processes to ensure the successful transformation of your customer experience.

We follow agile development practices to recognize the iterative nature of customer experience transformation, including sprint planning, daily scrum, backlog refinement, sprint review (demo) and retrospective, as well as agile values and principles.

Measure Your Customer Experience

Customer Experience Measurement Programs

If you are going to transform your customer experience, you need to keep score on your progress. This means capturing real-time data such as your Analytics as well as tools such as Net Promoter Score (NPS).

We work with your team to assess, design, develop and implement measurement systems for every vital aspect of your customer experience and adopt a data-driven decision-making approach to transform your customer experience.

Customer Experience Communication Programs

We work across the full spectrum of customer communications at every stage of your customer’s journey from acquisition through delivery and sustainability. We work with you to impact every moment of truth, from website content to email, text messaging and sales calls and presentations, with a focus on omnichannel CX development.

We also offer a full range of marketing services including branding, website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and digital advertising, as well as sales development programs including scripting, training and presentation development.

Design Your Customer Experience

Customer Experience Process Transformation

Customer experience process transformation is the practice of streamlining marketing, sales and service processes within your business to improve customer interactions with your brand.

Although we take a holistic approach to process transformation, we believe every client interaction is a moment of truth that will turn your customers towards you or away from you.

That’s why we use Empathy Maps in addition to Process Maps to optimize each moment for maximum positive impact, always with an eye towards profitability as well.

Customer Experience Executive Coaching

In every professional field, the best performers have a coach who works to continuously hone their craft.

We strongly believe leaders deserve the same attention to leadership and management skills, especially as they lean in on transforming their customer experience.

We focus on adopting behaviors that lead to improved individual and organizational performance and offer group and 1-on-1 coaching programs on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.

Customer Experience BHA Quick Hits

Is your hair on fire with customer experience challenges?

Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Quick Hits Program is designed to clear the smoke and quickly slow your burn.

We will rapidly identify the low-hanging fruit of your customer experience issues, then develop and implement strategies and plans that deliver immediate improvements in your customer experience.

CX Transformation Services
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